Post Basic B.Sc Nursing

Duration – 2 years
Eligibility – Obtained a certificate in General Nursing and Midwifery and registered as R.N.R.M. with the State Nurses Registration Council. A male nurse, trained before the implementation of the new integrated course besides being registered as a nurse with State Nurses Registration Council, shall produce evidence of training approved by Indian Nursing Council


Florence Nightingale (1820-1920), the daughter of a wealthy British family, dedicated her life to improving conditions within hospitals beginning in an army hospital during the Cremean War. She was called “Lady with the Lamp”, because she walked the halls of the hospital with a lamp in her hand. The light carried came to mean care of sick. She is thus considered the founder of the nursing profession and epitomizes the ideal nurse. Post Basic B.Sc Nursing is getting started in Prakash institute from session 2010.

Nursing is one of the profession in which the element of service to humanity is very strong. It is a service dedicated to the relief of human pain and suffering and prevention of diseases. The programme is divided into theory and clinical blocks

Theory blocks

During this period, the student is expected to attend classes in the college or clinical campus as per the rotation plan. The theory portion will be covered in the form of lectures, lectures cum demonstration, seminars etc.

Clinical blocks

During this period, the student will be posted in the hospital wards, community setup or any other area approved for experience. The student will be expected to provide care to the individuals or families and complete assignments as outlined in the Curriculum.

Future Prospects

It hardly needs any emphasis that the nursing profession is a very important component of the health care system of a country. They tend the sick and the injured using procedures that require education and training. They work in hospittals, nursing homes, clinics and homes. They not only nurse the sick but also educate the patients about prevenive care.