Master of Physiotherapy


Duration Р2 Years
Eligibility -Candidate holding a Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy from a recognized University in India or a Foreign University with at least 10+2+4 years of educational patterns and a minimum of 6 months internship.
Affiliation-Affiliated to Ch Charan Singh UniversityMeerut And Approved by IAP &U.G.C.


Master of Physiotherapy was introduced in PIPRAMS in the year 2007. This course is designed to meet the need of physiotherapists and specialists in Physiotherapy who wish to further develop expertise in aspects of clinical practice specific to Physiotherapy. The primary objective of this course is to provide students with specialized knowledge and clinical skills necessary for effective and competent Sports Physiotherapy practice, including advance training in Musculo skeletal Physiotherapy research.encumbrances.

On successful completion of M.P.T course, postgraduates will be able to:

  • Utilize a thorough knowledge and understanding of Musculo skeletal Physiotherapy and relevant applied sciences to maintain standards of best practice in prevention and treatment of sports related injuries.
  • Utilize detailed knowledge of relevant aspects of musculoskeletal medicine in prevention and treatment of sports related injuries
  • Integrate and apply thorough knowledge and understanding of applied anatomy, Patho bio- mechanicsand relevant kinesiology to clinical Physiotherapy practice.
  • Utilize advanced clinical competency and expertise, including clinical reasoning, in assessmentand treatment of sports related injuries.
  • Design, implement, evaluate and modify Physiotherapy programs specifically related to prevention and management of sports injuries.
  • Perform detailed and relevant musculoskeletal assessment, which are specific to patients.
  • Interpret and utilize published literature using analytical and critical approach. Conceptualize and write aresearch proposal.