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Welcome to Prakash Institute of Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation & Allied Medical Sciences

The Institute is a great place to make new friends and broaden your horizons. You will be able to make firm decisions about what you want to do, and our excellent courses will help you to achieve your goals.We offer a world class education to energize the ability regardless of their economic circumstances.Our is a function of the belief in the power of education to transform the ambitions of individuals as well as nation recognizing the need for qualified and competent professionals in the field of paramedical sciences. We brought into operation ours Institute to prepare students for the highly competent job market of today.

Our courses are challenging and rigorous guided and inspired by our first class academic staff, you will learn to live & work in a caring and supporting environment.Education here will develop your skills knowledge and accomplishments to equip you for your career.Our vision for the future is to be an institution of International repute that will be the preferred destination for the best students, teachers, researchers and scholars in the world.

We look forward to welcome you to the Institute.

Wishing you the very best in all that you do.

Dr. V. S. Chauhan