Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Duration – 4 Years & 6 Months Internship
Eligibility –10 + 2 Science with Bio , DPT willbe inducted directly into 2nd year B.P.T.
Affiliation-Ch Charan Singh University, Meerut & Recognized by IAP and U.G.C.


Bachelor in Physiotherapy was introduced in Prakash institute of medical sciences for the first time in 2007 in the year considering the dire dearth of qualified Physiotherapists in this part of the country. As per the World Health Organization, rehabilitation is included as a part of comprehensive health service delivery model. A large number of patient population afflicted with disorders of joint muscles, bones, brain, nerves and certain cardio pulmonary conditions essentially require a long term physiotherapy support. The aim of this program is to create quality human resources in this field of health care.


The field of physiotherapy has now cast its magnificent rays to make a dawn in the lives of the people with physical ailments. Be it a child or an adult, everyone realizes the importance of physiotherapy irrespective of the age; be it a mild discomfort of a little finger or a life threatening condition of the brain. As of now the awareness is broadened and deepened as well, making the scope better. Everyone relies on physical rehabilitation as and when they get aged. We the Physiotherapists pledge to ward off physical ailments from our planet – ‘The Earth’.


The practical training to the students is imparted at state of art Physiotherapy department. Moreover, students also get hands on training under the expert faculty of Physiotherapy. Moreover Students expand their horizons of therapeutic and rehabilitation concepts through involvement in community based rehabilitation programmes and other “outreach” activities.

After successful completion of this program, the graduates will be able to: Assess the person afflicted with loco motor disability and provide proper therapy.

  • To design and implement therapeutic programs aimed at increasing the functional independence of the chronic patients afflicted with neurological disorders.
  • To work in collaboration with specialties in advanced areas like hand surgery, plastic reconstruction, orthopedic procedures, cardiac and pulmonary surgeries etc.
  • To identify the area of potentials and undertake the research in them in order to further the knowledge in the field of physiotherapy