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B.Sc. Home science

Duration - 3 years
Eligibility - 10 + 2 in any stream
Affiliation - Affiliated from Ch Charan Singh University ,Meerut.

arrow Introduction

As the name suggests,Home science is concerned with the home .The perception of a lay person is that it is a subject about home making and household chores. They are only partly correct because the area covered by the subject of home science is vast and varied. Its scope extends far beyond the ‘home’ .It is the only subject which prepares young learners for the two most important goals in their lives-looking after their home and family and preparing for a career or vocation in life.

Today, men and women share the responsibility of a home and family equally and need an equal amount of preparation in making the best of the resources available to make their lives comfortable; Bachelor in home science is getting introduced in session 2010. Home science is a vast subject, it includes.


arrowCareer Opportunities in Home Science-

B.Sc Home science is one of the subjects that include wage employment as well as self employment.

esides providing students an overall development as an individual, Home science prepares, students to take up a job outside the home, student can also set up an enterprise at home. As a home science trained student can join garment export house, can set up a boutique at home.  

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